SKYTRAILS INC. provides Aircraft Brokerage Services with independent sales advice and consultation. Our tried and tested set of advertising parameters and our people in the field, visiting airplane operators, owners, other brokers and trade shows. The aviation business is intensely private, and integrity and confidentiality are key components.

The key to our success of transacting is the dedication to buying and selling airplanes. We use our Real Estate style prospective to accomplish this. Researching the values, appraising planes, visiting sellers, taking down mission profiles and analysing them for buyers, hunting for the right plane that suits the client's needs and budget.

We can source out paint shops, interior shops, maintenance shops and engine shops. When the deal needs to monitored and the end details need to be accounted for, we are a physically present protective shield and well footed team of negotiators for our clients. We maintain the utmost integrity and ensure a successful deal completion. Experience in the aviation market place is our asset. Don't be satisfied with statistical knowledge, and spec sheets. We want to provide more than that. We want to bring the power of our negotiation skills and handling of an individual situation to be in your favor.

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